"DataDelta - The Leader in Big Data Match Profiling Analytics"
Optimize MDM Match, Merge & Search Accuracy




Some of the largest MDM projects (such as multiple Fortune 20 companies) with the most complex individual and business data rely on DataDelta to help analyze and fine-tune the accuracy of their record-matching platform - including all major MDM vendors as well as custom, home-grown match platforms.

DataDelta is exhibiting at & providing free passes (a $2,000 value! email pass@DataDelta.com for details) featuring Rubik's Cube Champion Leyan Lo:

  • Apr 1-2 at the Gartner EI & MDM Summit Las Vegas 2015
  • Jul 15-16 at the MDM & Data Governance Summit San Francisco 2015
  • Oct 4-6 at the MDM & Data Governance Summit New York 2015

    Who We Are (... click for more details) How We Fit Your Project (... click for more details)
  • Founder 25+ years & 200+ MDM, CDI & Data Quality projects
  • Teach Intl MDM Workshops w/Aaron Zornes The MDM Institute
  • Unique, proprietary "Match Profiling Analytics" technology
  • Next generation Match/Merge/Search Data Governance
  • DataDelta was included in the Gartner report
        "Cool Vendors in Master Data Management, 2009"
        by John Radcliffe, Andrew White: 4 March 2009*
  • Relationships w/many major System Integrators & consultants,
        often subcontracting to them as Match/Merge/Search SMEs
  • Vendor-neutral Subject Matter Experts (SME) for:
        - Record Matching (initial load & incremental updates)
        - Merge & composite/survivor Golden Record generation
        - Enterprise Search & real-time referential data queries
        - Customer data (consumer & business, USA & International)
        - Supplier & product/inventory data also applicable
        - Safely migrate match engines "What Matches Changed?"

  • Enhance your CDI-MDM business case priority to win more funding faster
  • Save time of your business users interacting with SIs & match vendors
  • No software purchase required (consulting-only options start under $10k)
  • Update Match Success Criteria & align w/business priorities
  • Can assist at every stage of your project, such as:
        - Start: Enhance business case priority by finding urgent match problems
           in your current production data, help evaluate new match vendors, early
           match proof-of-concept rapid prototypes in parallel w/rest of project
        - Deployment: Clarify Match Success Criteria & align w/business priorities
           via modern Data Governance methodology, resolve Business User
           conflicts via visual "Difference Analysis" of match/merge/search results,
           optimize match/merge/search engine configuration logic & business rules
        - Transition: Safely change match vendors w/Difference Analysis
        - Maintenance: Monitor ongoing match accuracy & of new data
        - Post-Project: Enhance ROI by "fine-tuning" match/merge/search logic
  • What We Do (... click for more details) Value We Deliver (... click for more details)
  • "Match Profiling Analytics" (the next evolutionary step to
        Data Profiling) via our proprietary technology
  • Our Match Query Language (MQL) scans ENTIRE DBs at rates
        over 1 Billion recs/min to find problems match vendors' own
        tools miss (because they can only analyze small data samples)
  • Save Business Users review time by isolating match problem
        segments for prioritized trend analysis in a business context
  • Help ensure fair, objective & comprehensive match vendor evals
        (can also manage entire eval process to save your staff time)
  • "Match Accuracy Analysis" consulting service can deliver
        fast value in just a few days starting at under $10k
  • Major risks to project cost, schedule & quality are surprises discovered
        late for match/merge/search problems & Business User conflicts
  • We catch those problems sooner & more thoroughly by working w/your
        match vendor, SI & Business Users via our technology & methodologies
  • Can work in parallel with & min distraction to your critical path and can
        uncover critical information even during requirements phase via early
        proof-of-concept rapid prototype match profiling analysis
  • Like a second doctor's opinion, we can provide a match/merge/search
        ongoing second opinion to help ensure your project stays on track
  • "Single View of the Truth" is your most visible project outcome;
        we help ensure you get it right & can show thorough due-diligence
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